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December 2018

(Konten oleh Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia Jakarta) Berdasarkan UIA Accord on Recommended International Standards of Professionalism in Architectural Practice and Recommended Guidelines, Arsitek adalah seseorang yang memiliki kualifikasi secara profesional dan akademis dan secara umum terdaftar atau memiliki lisensi/sertifikat untuk melakukan praktik arsitektur di suatu area serta

Dee Studio is a collaborative office consisting of an architecture studio and e-commerce office. Renovated from an existing house, the architect tries to preserve some part of the house’s wall while adding a new axis of walls that juxtaposed the old walls.   The contrasting position of

A House that features two rectangular volumes stacked atop one another, forming the core of the residence. A sand-coloured wood panel façade lines the entrance foyer, separating the stone-lined driveway from the lap pool and outdoor deck just behind. Made from zircon wood, the façade

The house’s entrance is located on its side, with a direct access from the closed garage, and is hidden from the main road. Since it is not necessarily a fengshui-friendly nor it is welcoming to formal guests, an additional “main” entrance is then placed at front

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