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Unilever Headquarters in Indonesia is Designed to Combine Community, Diversity, and Nature

Generally, office buildings have been known for its rigid building shape. Standing tall in the middle of a busy metropolitan, office building often uses steel structure and enclosed by curtain walls with its typical and repetitive floors for maximized functionality. Despite being imagined as these images, the Unilever Headquarters, located in BSD Green Office Park, Jakarta, have a different view of what an office building should be.

Designed by Aedas, Unilever Headquarters has a curved-shaped mass that makes the building looks dynamic and flexible. It is surrounded by parks and greenery to support the office district’s green design concept.

Unilever Headquarters is designed with the concept to blend three key elements of Indonesian culture: community, diversity, and nature. By taking a reference from the traditional village in Indonesia, the architect places a square, main roads, and streets within the communal area on the ground floor to create a sense of community within the building. This design encourages people to interact more with each other—not only from those within their own team or division. The shared facilities, including a mosque, staff dining area, daycare center, fitness center, beauty salon, and multi-purpose hall, is designed surrounding the central light-filled atrium that serves as a large event space.

While the ground floor is dedicated to public and shared facilities, the top four floors are filled by office spaces with break-out areas for the employee to relax or hold informal meetings.

The building interior is designed with Indonesian batik fabrics, recycled teak, timber, and furniture. On the contrary, the building façade is clad with grey aluminum blade louvers with varying depth to provide shading and reduce heat gain, giving an impression of a modern and futuristic building from the outside.

Architect: Aedas
Location: Greater Jakarta, Indonesia
Gross Floor Area: 50,477 sqm
Interior Designer: Aedas Interiors
Project Director: Kevin Jose
Project Design Director (Architecture): Steven Thor
Project Design Director (Interior): Steven Shaw
Completion Year: 2017

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