Road to ARCHINESIA Week #4: Planter Box House by Formzero – ARCHINESIA
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Road to ARCHINESIA Week #4: Planter Box House by Formzero

Road to ARCHINESIA Week #4: Planter Box House by Formzero

Planter Box House is a physical representation of the owner’s lifestyle who are passionate about growing foods. This house is designed by Formzero and aimed to celebrate the sustainable living lifestyle and to grow food for self-sufficiency. There are more than 40 types of edible plants that are grown in concrete planter boxes which serve as both stormwater retention and irrigation reservoir, which are also seen as an urban landscape. Then it also creates visual contrast with the surroundings.

This house is a knowledge platform, especially for the owner who constantly improvises the irrigation and planting system. The custom made irrigation system is interconnected between the planter boxes which stores and recycles nutritious resources and rainwater within the land. It also allows precise manipulation of the planter box from the soil composition to the water level being supplied to each planter box.

Meanwhile, the interior spaces are imbued with a strong sense of hospitality and the owner’s attitude towards tropical sustainable urban community living and farming. From this house, you could see the whole ground floor from the entrance as well as experience the light and cross ventilation in the room. There are only glass walls and windows in between the front and back.

From this project, we can learn about farming in tropical areas. The life of this Planter Box House is expected to be more improved, developed, and grows organically along with the couple. (uci)


Architect: Formzero

Design Principal: Lee Cherng Yih

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Site Area: 185 sqm.

Floor Area: 340 sqm.

Landscape: Formzero

Contractor: Jaya Bintang

Photographer: Ameen Deen



Lee Cherng Yih is the principal of Formzero, an architectural firm from Malaysia. He is an architect, a lecturer, and also becomes one of our speaker in ARCHINESIA ASEAN Architecture Seminar 2020. He will share his idea and thought about “Future House: Light, Fast, and Affordable” on April 4th, 2020 at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD, Tangerang, Banten. For further information about the event, please check our social media or/and direct approach to our team through the contact person below.




RSVP: Melisa (0878 8921 5810)

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