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While approximating ‘perfection’ can be a measure of excellence, there are aspects inherent to architecture that are worthy of consideration- for example, how do architects coordinate with builders to manifest their design ? Other approach even purposefully subvert perfection, seeking to find other values to champion through their architecture.

These nuances are insufficient through imagery alone, and are best elaborate through text, that is why in this cover story section, we invite Ng Seksan, Eko Prawoto, Irianto Purnomo Hadi, Adela Askandar, Farah Azizan, Tey Tat Sing, Wong Pei Ping, Willis Kusuma, Avianti Armand, and Wendy Djuhara to discuss in-depth: how does the concept of perfection  influence their architecture ? The answer were highly personal, strongly influence by eavh architects’s background. The discussion also gave rise to many follow-up consideration that our readers can ponder for their own practices.

We interview the principal of Han Awal & Partners Architects, Gregorius Yori Antar Awal for new section Insight. Yori Spoke length about AMI (Arsitek Muda Indonesia), whose effect shift the direction of Indonesian contemporary architecture has been widely discussed, as well as his strong belief that the key to enrich Indonesian architecture is by learning from its abundant, yet largely untapped tradition.

Ministry of Design : Race Robotic Lab, Singapore
Architeckidd : The Street Ratchada, Bangkok
DCM Jakarta : Menara Kompas, Jakarta
Studio Tonton : Artotel Sanur, Bali
Sindhu Hadiprana & Parametr Indonesia : Automotive Gallery Office, Tangerang
STU/D/O Architects : Naiipa Art Complex, Baggkok
DRTAN LM Architects : Verandah House 8D, Kuala Lumpur
SUTD Architecture Laboratory : The Future of Us Exhibition Pavilion, Singapore
Bangkok Project Studio : The Wyne Ayutthaya, Ayutthaya
Indra Tata Adilaras : Aviary Hotel and Service Apartment
RAW Architecture : Alfa Omega School, Tangerang
Andramatin : Secret Garden Village, Bali
Enshi Sin+ Melania Agustina : The Arbanat Kitchen, Malang
Cong Sinh Architects : Vegetable Trellis, Ho Chi Minh City
SUB : SUB Office, Tangerang
Junsekino Architect and Design : Baan Nong Bua School, Chiang Rai
WTA Archutecture and Design Studio : The Book Stop Project, Philipines



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