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WAF 2021 shortlist unveils best-designed buildings and landscapes from around the world [English text below and provided by World Architectural Festival]

Sharing Session ARCHINESIA Batch 4 will be held in July! [English text below] Pada tahun 2020 yang penuh tantangan, ARCHINESIA tetap

Awarding Night IAI Jakarta Award 2020 diadakan pada Rabu, 2 Juni 2021 di Ballroom Hotel Mulia, Jakarta. Acara tersebut dihadiri

World Architecture Festival launches futures week in association with WasteBuild [English text below and provided by World Architecture Festival] Gagasan arsitektur

Anthology Festival 2021: Nature, Building, and City for “Our City” [English text below] Anthology Festival, sebuah festival arsitektur tahunan yang diadakan

Anthology Festival 2021: Our City “The city is a fact of nature, like a cave, a run of mackerel or an

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