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Anthology Festival 2021: Nature, Building, and City for “Our City” [English text below] Anthology Festival, sebuah festival arsitektur tahunan yang diadakan

Anthology Festival 2021: Our City “The city is a fact of nature, like a cave, a run of mackerel or an

World Architecture Festival to take place in December 2021 [Text provided by World Architecture Festival] World Architecture Festival and the Inside:

Pengukuhan Dewan Arsitek Indonesia [Text provided by Indonesian Institute of Architects] Pada 3 Desember 2020, bersamaan dengan Hari Bakti PU, Menteri Pekerjaan Umum

World Architecture Festival reveals the winner of the Isolation Transformed competition [Text provided by World Architecture Festival] The Isolation Transformed

Introducing SKYE Suites Green Square: A New Trend Pertumbuhan Eksponensial Lini Usaha SKYE Suites Diharapkan Mampu Melampaui Rp. 10 Triliun Dalam

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