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Kampung House by Paulus Setyabudi Architects

Located in an idyllic site of a golf course, Rumah Kampoeng boasts lush vista and natural surroundings. The house is designed with several separate masses to allow openings from within the rooms for the owners to be able to enjoy the surroundings.



The openness and arrangement of each building masses generate a sense of unified indoor and outdoor. As the house is located in Malang, pleasant air temperature and flow are present within the terraces of the house.

The concept of separate masses and each of its function are inspired from traditional Javanese house zoning, namely Pendopo and Peringitan for the public space, while Omah for the private area. The architect also arranges the masses spacing and sequence to provide unique spatial experience for the dwellers.


Roemah Kampoeng
Architect: Paulus Setyabudi Architects
Location: Araya, Malang
Site Area: 1.000 sqm
Building Area: 500 sqm
Design Team: Paulus Setyabudi (principal), Raydi Cornellius
Photography by: Sonny Sandjaya

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