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Jelutong House by Studio Bikin

Jelutong House is an extensive renovation project stitching together a newly built structure to existing main house. The new structure, aptly titled as The Annexe was built to accommadate the client’s children and their growing family.

One of the main challenge faced was the sticthing of the existing house, which was built in the 60’s with the new structure seamlessly and respecting the original architecture of the main house, which was important to the client.   The main moves taken was to design a transition space and the Annexe. Where the two families can comfortably shift between private and shared spaces.

Upgrading works on the main house tries to retain the charm and original features, while making it contemporary. Thus, suitably bridging together two generations one one shared roof. It presented Studio Bikin the unique opportunity to design what essentially a house within a house.


Architects : Studio Bikin
Residential Alteration and Addition
Location : Damansala Height, Kuala Lumpur
Area : 7130 Sq. ft.
Project Team : Adela Askandar & Shamin Sahrum


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