HP House by ENM Design – ARCHINESIA
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HP House by ENM Design

The house’s entrance is located on its side, with a direct access from the closed garage, and is hidden from the main road. Since it is not necessarily a fengshui-friendly nor it is welcoming to formal guests, an additional “main” entrance is then placed at front side of the house that leads to no room but inner court.




These open spaces also enables air to properly circulate throughout rooms. When taking consideration of site’s location,this means lowering energy consumption.

The rooms themselves are spacious, with regard to the owner’s brief who is very keen of indoor comforts. However, all roomsare functional and may be utilized enjoyably. With the help of open spaces that provides green scenery, these rooms managed to avoid being barren.



Architects : ENM Design
Architects Team : Enshi Sin & Melania Agustina
Location : Malang, Indonesia
Site Area : 760 m2
Floor Area : 494 m2



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