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Hospitality Indonesia 2018 Encourages Local Innovation to Enhance Hospitality Sectors in Indonesia

Hospitality Indonesia 2018—an exhibition that showcases an industrial collaboration between furniture, craft and interior with hospitality—was officially open on Wednesday, October 24th and will be held until Saturday, October 26, 2018. The exhibition is held by Traya Events (PT. Traya Eksibisi Internasional), located in Jakarta International Expo (JiExpo) Kemayoran and features three exhibitions: Furniture & Craft Indonesia Exhibition that shows funiture and crafts in Hall B, interior Lifestyle Mozaik Indonesia Exhibition in Hall C, and non-F&B hotel supplier Exhibition – Hotel Sourcing. The event was open by Lea Aviliani Aziz (Head of HDII Pusat), Ira Samri (Head of National HDMI), Erie Sasmito (Head of IFPF), Maulana Yusran (Vice Organizational Division of PT. PHRI), and Bambang Setiawan (President Director of PT Traya Eksibisi International).

Contributing exhibitors in Hospitality Indonesia 2018 includes 115 industries which are dominated with local artisans. These contributors showcase products ranging from furniture, crafts, lightings, accessories, beds, and interior designs.

According to Lea, Hospitality 2018 gives a chance for local interior designers to create trends and innovation to fulfill the market demands. This becomes important as development of 5-star hotel in East Indonesia increases, followed by the government program to prepare Indonesia as one of the economic leading sectors.

Maulana Yusran added, even though the development of hospitality in Indonesia increases, the information about good quality of product suppliers and hospitality crafts has not been distributed well to consultants and clients. That creates an opportunity for the foreign products to interfere in the local market, despite the fact that Indonesia has qualified domestic products, crafts, and human resources to produce equal quality products. He suggested, one of the ways to prevent this are by organizing exhibition periodically and invites local artisan to showcase their products.

Hospitality Indonesia 2018 is aimed to be where the interior designer, hotel supply, vendor, and Small Medium Business (Usaha Kecil dan Menengah) are drawn together for a more profited business.

(Article by Hafizh Faishal Wahyu. English Text by Nurin A. Pramudhani)

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