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Gaya Fusion

Stefano Grandi, an Italian businessman, and Nyoman Birit had the idea to create a representative space to contain the artistic talents of Bali and the world. This art space was then developed as a place for cultural exchange between many countries, complete with a resort facility. Both initiators appointed the Balinese architect Ketut Arthana of Arte Architect in collaboration with Filippo Sciascia.

The initial idea dictated that an exhibition space should talk less than the works of art exhibited within. The most interesting feature of Gaya Fusion is that the architect designed two large stairways which are inspired by and adapted from Mayan temple architecture. These stairways are the main access leading to the building. On the exterior, palimanan sandstone is used as the finishing, projecting a sense of stability and solidity. The interior is a simple square-shaped area dominated by white and designed with a minimal number of columns and openings to achieve high spatial flexibility.

*Ps. This content published in “Architecture Guide Indonesia” by A DOM Publishers (2015).

About Project

Gaya Fusion
Jalan Raya Sayan, Ubud, 80571
Arte Architect and Associates

Photo by Sonny Sandjaya

About Book

Architecture Guide Indonesia
By A DOM Publishers

Author: Imelda Akmal

Research & Text: Dini Kusumawardhani, Dita Kusumawardhani, Billy Gerrardus Santo, Alicchys Siregar, Sandra Forestyana
Translation: Jessy Faiz
Maps: Dita Kusumawardhani, Billy Gerrardus Santo, Cintya Pradipta
Layout: Menuk Hidayat
Photo Digital Imaging: Mohamad Aluwi
Final Artwork: Masako Tomokiyo
QR-Codes: Christoph Gobmann

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