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Floor Fairy Tales: A Collaboration between MOIRE and 10 Designers

Floor Fairy Tales: A Collaboration between MOIRE and 10 Designers

As a retail carpet company that was established in 2014, MOIRE answers the many demands of floor furnishing with high-quality material and latest design through their newest product line. Titled “Floor Fairy Tales”, the exhibition showcases MOIRE’s newest product as a result of a collaboration with ten Indonesian designers.

With different design backgrounds, each designer exhibits a distinctive design that showcases the designer’s character. For example, the carpet by Didi Buidardjo is inspired by a garden in France. To realize the design, he imbues Swarovski elements on the carpet to mimic the rippling water ponds in the garden while at the same time exudes glamour. On the other hand, Sammy Hendramianto references the pattern of Songket textile for his carpet design. With eight other designers including Hidayat Endramukti, Thomas Elliot, Alvin Tjitrowirjo, Francine Denise Tjoitang, Eko Priharseno, Ronald Humardani, Sandy Karman, as well as Santi Alaysius and Hamprey Tedja, this exhibition will be open to the public until December 1, 2018, in Ambiente Showroom, South Jakarta.

The collaboration process with the ten designers was commenced six months in advance of the exhibition. MOIRE selects designer candidates that are open to collaboration, fond of challenges, and unique in character. These designers agreed to collaborate as it was a rare opportunity to be able to design carpets. Not only differs in terms of concept and design, but each carpet also takes a different amount of time for the production process.

The collaboration between MOIRE and ten designers on the Floor Fairy Tales exhibition is hoped to draw and engage other designers to directly see the quality of the material being used in the collaboration works. In the launch event, MOIRE mentioned how they are also open to more collaborations in the future. As a continuation, MOIRE is preparing for a showroom grand opening in February 2019 next year.

(Article by Fauziah Prabarini)

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