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Dee Studio by GeTs Architects

Dee Studio is a collaborative office consisting of an architecture studio and e-commerce office. Renovated from an existing house, the architect tries to preserve some part of the house’s wall while adding a new axis of walls that juxtaposed the old walls.


The contrasting position of the newly added walls create interesting spatial experience in the office. Adding to it, the architect also blurs the interior and exterior area of the office by using huge glass openings facing a central courtyard. Next to the courtyard, an open dining area became the meeting point of both office.

To the architect, Dee Studio GeTs is an experiment object. Many of the building details are the results of trial and error that the architect could not have done with his clients. Looking at the built result, it is clear that the architect succeeded in compromising the errors with subtle design solution.

Dee Studio GeTs
Site Area : 426m2
Building Area : 207m2
Design Team :  Gerard Tambunan (principal) , Aleicia Vidya , Joshua Raharjo
Photography by : Daniel Jiang & Sonny Sandjaya

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