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CSC @Changi by DP Architects

CSC@Changi is an Alterations & Additions (A&A) project to extend the existing one-storey site along the Changi Coast shoreline in Singapore with new recreational and hospitality facilities such as bowling alleys, chalets, villas and restaurants.

Elements of Conservation

The landscape approach seeks to create a resort ambience with its proximity to the sea while blending the new with the old. Lush green spaces are designed around existing mature raintrees, imbuing the development with a sense of tranquility. The forecourt, with its textured driveway leading to the pitch-roofed porte-cochère with clipped plantings and decorative pots, evokes colonial architecture. The back of the conserved Meyer House, now the club’s entrance hall, opens up to a panoramic view of Changi beach.

For the clubhouse, the redesigned ceiling geometry reveals the old glass roof tiles, creating vaulted skylights. The introduction of natural lighting together with the refurbished timber accentuate the unassuming charm of the conserved clubhouse.


At the new sports complex, a proposed lawn facing the sea allows several mature trees to be conserved. Grassed terraces and steps lead up to the raised first storey, tying the landscape with the architecture. The grassed steps form an amphitheatre with a timber decked platform.


Architect DP Architects Pte Ltd
Area 11,200 sqm
Year of Completion 2014                                                                                                                                                                              

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