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Bintaro Design District 2018 Starts as a Celebration of Local Design Community in Bintaro

October 12th 2018 – Bintaro Design District (BDD) is an event initiated to activate Bintaro as a creative area. The event that takes place from October 11th to October 20th, 2018 was officially started yesterday at 10.00 am in kopimanyar. BDD opening event was launched by the curators of the event consisting of Andra Matin (andramatin), Budi Pradono (Budi Pradono Architects), Danny Wicaksono (studiodasar), and Hermawan Tanzil (Leboye), and also the official BDD 2018 graphic designer, Andi Rahmat (NUSAE).

The curators of Bintaro Design District 2018

‘Permeable Society’ is a topic of BDD 2018 which was chosen to describe the design development in Bintaro. This topic is also an analogy of a fluid interaction between fellow creators and the community that a good mutualism can be formed.

This collateral event is formed by 72 designers including architects, interior designers, furniture designers, graphic designers, and even UI/UX designers that covers 47 venues in Bintaro and its surrounding area. There will be several events including open studio, house tour, installation, exhibition, talk show, and discussion. The public will expect to see blue-colored signages across Bintaro that indicates the location of an event or venue is nearby.  As there are large numbers of venues that take place in the residential areas, the committee of BDD 2018 suggests minimizing the use of private vehicles to avoid congestion in a particular spot that could disrupt the surrounding residents.

A talk show by Danny Wicaksono, one of the curators, that took place right after the opening

One of the unique aspects of BDD 2018 is the obligatory ‘pass’ that is used as the entrance ticket to each venue. Not only that this ‘pass’ could become a collectible item, but this purchasable ‘pass’ also tries to educate the public to appreciate design. The ‘pass’ will be stamped for every visited venue and events. Eventually, participants who are able to collect all or the most stamps at the end of BDD 2018 will get interesting prizes.

The curators of BDD 2018 hope that Bintaro Design District can be developed as an annual event equals to events like London Design Festival, Milan Design Week, Paris Design Week, and so on. To realize that, the present curators of BDD 2018 have even conducted an open call for curators, graphic designer, and other designers to prepare for the next Bintaro Design District event in 2019.

(Article by Fauziah Prabarini)

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