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The Batik House by Wahana Architects

The owners of this house are very interested in art, culture and antiques, especially those leaving from families who have a strong Javanese culture but still have the views and thoughts of modern and evolved about the concept of dwelling that they expect to live with a long period of time and can meet all the needs of their activities and refreshing aspects they need after doing everyday routine outside the home.

The formation of this residential land is quite unique with irregular shapes and there is even one area behind the form of overdraft to the surrounding site, causing the area of ​​the bag long enough to the side.

Deliberately this dwelling in broken into three masses in the plot like the letter “U” facing the highway residential, in addition to avoid the impression of solid and large also trying to create an open space by putting the pool & park in the middle. The use of frameless glass material  and roosters  in this dwelling further reinforces the impression of open and light terraces, especially those facing the direction of the pool, this condition produces a visual relationship that is still interconnected although separated by a distant distance both horizontally and vertically.

Wahana Architects
Architects Team : Rudy Kelana, Gerard Tambunan, Sofia Purba
Location : Jakarta
Site Area : 427 m2.
Photo : Fernando Gomulyo


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