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Y House in Nonthaburi, Thailand, Explores Connection with the Urban Context

Y House in Nonthaburi, Thailand, Explores Connection with the Urban Context

Built on an arbitrary-shaped plot of land, Y House is designed to response its location in a crowded residential area surrounding the Bangkok Metropolitan Area. Instead of only responding to its location context by creating boundaries to protect its residents from the chaotic urban, Anonym Studio designed Y House to also be able to relate to its neighborhood.

Responding the site along with its surrounding, the architect plotted multiple masses within the Y-shaped site that generated multiple courtyards within the site. The courtyard, designed with natural elements such as water ponds, pebbles, and trees, acts as the sanctuary of the house to provide protection and escape from the hectic metropolis.

At the same time, the house is also designed to be connected with its neighborhood through a certain level of openness. The front floor-to-ceiling openings are layered with white colored brise-soleil, framing the colorful row of houses as an image with superimposing rows of white lines. From the ground level, the distinctive louvers cover the bedroom as a privacy measure.

Despite many houses at the present are built to provide maximum security and privacy that alienates its surrounding, the design of Y-House finds the balance between the comfort of privacy and the openness as a context to its neighborhood. Not only reflecting the owner’s long-established memories of the surrounding, Y-House also stands as a good reflection of how human is a social being that needs to connect and interact.

Architect: Anonym studio

Location: Nonthaburi, Thailand

Design Principal: Phongphat Uesangkhomset, Parnduangjai Roojnawate

Site Area: 105 sqm

Floor Area: 500 sqm

Photographer: W workspace

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