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Som Santoso Kitchen Solutions Reintroduces the Essence of Kitchen Design

Som Santoso Kitchen Solutions Reintroduces the Essence of Kitchen Design

Wednesday, 28 November 2018, Som Santoso Kitchen Solutions initiated to reintroduce the essence of kitchen design to the public by having an open showroom titled Som’s Lifestyle Kitchen: Food, Fun, and Lifestyle in Som Santoso Showroom, Ariobimo Sentral, South Jakarta. Some Indonesian architects, people from other creative industry including food blogger were present in the open showroom event.

Som Santoso is an interior designer specializes in kitchen design with an architecture education background. To him, a kitchen is not only a space functioning for food preparation but could have a central role in a residence. Although taking only a small portion of space in a house, a kitchen might be the core where family bonding takes place or a room for interaction with family guests or colleagues.

In the design process, Som Santoso uses Virtual Reality technology to communicate his design to the clients, allowing them to be immersed in the design before, in reality, stay and use the built design. Santoso also references Feng Shui method in order to maximize his design.

Santoso’s design being showcased in Som Santoso Kitchen Solutions exhibit uses of premium material as well as recent technology in a kitchen such as a downdraft hood to conceal kitchen utility. In some of his design, Santoso also uses supporting devices such as monitor lift, sound system, and network to enhance the experience in the kitchen. At the present, Som Santoso also acts as brand representatives for several high-end international kitchen furnishing such as SieMatic as well as Ballerina from Germany, Aster Cucina from Italy, and Lema, a furniture and wardrobe brand from Italy.

(Article by Hafizh F. Wahyu)

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