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Post Bloc Jakarta Officially Opened to Public

Post Bloc Jakarta Officially Opened to Public
“Arts, Culture, Entertainment in a Heritage Place”

[Bahasa text below, provided by Pos Bloc Jakarta] After physical renovations for more than three months, the public creative space of Pos Bloc Jakarta was inaugurated by the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia, Erick Thohir, accompanied by Deputy Minister of BUMN Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, President Director of PT Pos Indonesia. (Persero), Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi, President Commissioner of PT Pos Indonesia Rhenald Khasali, and CEO of Pos Bloc Jakarta Jimmy Saputro and all of their respective staff on October 10, 2021. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, the inauguration ceremony of the Jakarta Post Bloc was held in a solemn place in the main hall of Jakarta Philatelic Building, located in the Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta.

Pic by Imelda K Lase & Baladika B Anggakara

“PT Pos Indonesia must change, don’t just be a thing of the past. The transformation of PT Pos Indonesia must always be encouraged. Now is the digital era and the Millennial era, not colonial. The disruption happened for two reasons because it is digital and Indonesian youth. I encourage PT Pos Indonesia to transform in a friendly manner with the younger generation and the changes that happen in Indonesia, both digitally and property. I see changes in the first wave, while in the digital second wave, PT Pos has prepared in Pos Bloc. We will be dealing with what is called Edu tech, media tech. I saw that Pos Bloc not only set up a creative center. This place also becomes a media center. YouTubers can come to create content as well as the podcasters record their voices. Alhamdullilah, PT Pos is ready,” explained Erick Thohir, Minister of SOEs at the inauguration of Pos Bloc Jakarta.

“Indonesia’s postal service is 275 years old. We realize that experience alone is no longer enough to face the challenges of generation 4.0 competition which is so fast, full of uncertainty, and complex. We must be more adaptive to change and develop collaboration so that Pos Indonesia becomes top of mind in providing services in life. One of our efforts is in the form of a creative hub called Pos Bloc,” said Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi, President Director of PT Pos Indonesia, at the inauguration of Pos Bloc Jakarta via a video screen.

“We are happy and honored to be able to collaborate with PT Pos Indonesia in converting and managing this very historic state asset into a public creative space that has a contemporary spirit but does not abandon its original identity. Hopefully, Pos Bloc Jakarta can be a game-changer to revive the creative dynamics around the Pasar Baru. It has a good impact on the surrounding environment,” said Jimmy Saputro, CEO of Pos Bloc Jakarta.

Pos Bloc Jakarta is a placemaking project. That is the result of a collaboration between PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) as the oldest BUMN in the country with some parties. This project was carried out by PT Pos Properti Indonesia, as a subsidiary of PT Pos Indonesia, with PT Ruang Kreatif Pos. They are one of the subsidiaries of the Radar Ruang Riang business group, which previously succeeded in realizing space creative public M Bloc Space in South Jakarta and will soon follow JNM Bloc in Yogyakarta.

Pos Bloc Jakarta utilizes the assets of the former Dutch East Indies Post Office Building covering an area of 7,000 meters owned by PT Pos Indonesia (Persero). It was changed into a creative space for various art events, culture, entertainment, creative community meetings, and empowering MSME businesses (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

Pic by Imelda K Lase & Baladika B Anggakara

The development of Pos Bloc Jakarta will be carried out in stages later. The first stage was inaugurated on October 10, 2021, covering an area of 2,400 square meters. Then, the second phase will be carried out at the beginning of 2022 with an additional area of about 4,800 square meters. Some zones at the first stage are West Veranda, East Veranda (front porch), Great Hall (hall main), West Garden, East Garden (park), East Loading Bay, West Loading Bay (unloading area) to the Cultural Hall (activity or exhibition space).

A historic building that has been designated by the DKI Jakarta provincial government as a heritage building has been attended by various tenants, namely Mini M Bloc Market (grocery store), Twalen (culinary Bali), Coldheart (beverage shop), Canggu Bakehouse (cake shop), Filosofi Kopi (coffee shop), Bakmi Sedjuk (noodle shop), and Damn! I Love Indonesia (a fashion shop). There are also Huma Ide (gelato shop), Via Bata Via (goods shop antiques), Photomatics (photoshop), Gyujin Teppan (Japanese cuisine), Coquito (Mexican cuisine), Toast Kemang (food stall), and Communion (sneaker shop). Not only that, there are Picknick Yuk with Nona Manis (picnic cuisine), Nastar by Ritz (nastar shop), Sovlo (accessories shop), Jamune (herb shop), Panama (slipper shop), Heiya (soft drinks), Esteboo (cane ice shop), and of course Pos Indonesia (post office).

The Pos Bloc Jakarta has been opened to the public since Monday, September 27, 2021. They operate every weekday from 10 am to 9 pm (GMT+7) and on weekends from 7 am to 9 pm (GMT+7). In line with government regulations, to enter the Pos Bloc Jakarta area, you must comply with the 3M health protocol and show a COVID-19 vaccine certificate (at least the first dose) through the PeduliLindungi.

Unlike M Bloc Space, which carries an urban, millennial, contemporary theme, Pos Bloc Jakarta’s motto is “Arts, culture, entertainment in a heritage place.” After being allowed to hold activities by the government, various arts, cultural, and entertainment programs will regularly be held there. Starting from painting exhibitions, photos, art installations, creative workshops, film screenings, art auctions, fashion shows, walking tours of cultural heritage, to various music concerts that had become the identity of Weltevreden or old Jakarta such as classical, jazz, blues, folk, Hawaiian, as well as keroncong/stambul.

Pos Bloc Jakarta is located by the legendary Jalan Raya Pos (the Grote postweg) which was built in 1809 by Governor-General Herman Willem Daendels, to be precise, the address is Jl Pos No. 2, Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta. In 1912 this building was restored by the Dutch architect, J.F. von Hoytema for 17 years until 1929. Back to the previous era, the Post Telefon en Telegraf building with colonial architectural style has existed since the 1860s and is one of the oldest post offices in Indonesia.

The post office building in Jakarta’s Old City is the oldest, which was founded in 1746. Initially, this building was established to serve the needs of communication and commercial correspondence of merchants. Not only that, but it also becomes a correspondence between kingdoms in Europe and Java. After the dissolution of the VOC, the Dutch East Indies government under Daendels in the early 19th century took the initiative to move the center of Old Batavia to Batavia New in Weltevreden (now known as Central Jakarta). This elite area became the residence of Chinese, Dutch, and Dutch colonial officials.

All government activities, offices, shopping, arts, culture in the 1800s were all centered in Weltevreden. It’s no wonder that right next to this post building, there is also the Schouwburg Weltevreden (now the Jakarta Arts Building) which became the center for famous drama, theater, literature, and film performances of its time. The Dutch East Indies government specifically built a postal, telephone, and telegraph service building for the community. It was located across from Pasar Baru, a Chinatown area and an elite Dutch shopping center that was built in 1820. Hopefully, with the opening of the Jakarta Post Bloc, the Pasar Baru area will return to life and be visited by the public like it was in its former glory.

Pic by Imelda K Lase & Baladika B Anggakara

Pic by Imelda K Lase & Baladika B Anggakara

Translated by Fauziah Prabarini

Setelah menjalani renovasi fisik selama lebih dari tiga bulan lamanya, tepat hari ini, 10 Oktober 20201, ruang kreatif publik Pos Bloc Jakarta diresmikan pembukaannya oleh Menteri Badan Usaha Milik Negara Republik Indonesia, Erick Thohir, dengan didampingi pula diantaranya oleh Wakil Menteri BUMN Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, Direktur Utama PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi, Komisaris Utama PT Pos Indonesia Rhenald Khasali, dan CEO Pos Bloc Jakarta Jimmy Saputro, beserta segenap jajarannya masing-masing. Mengingat situasi pandemi COVID-19, seremoni peresmian Pos Bloc Jakarta digelar secara sederhana namun khidmat bertempat di Aula Utama, Gedung Filateli Jakarta yang berlokasi di kawasan Pasar Baru, Jakarta Pusat.

“PT Pos Indonesia harus berubah, jangan hanya menjadi bagian dari masa lalu. Transformasi PT Pos Indonesia harus selalu didorong. Saat ini sudah era digital dan era Milenial, bukan kolonial. Disrupsi itu terjadi karena dua hal, karena digital dan anak muda Indonesia. Saya mendorong PT Pos Indonesia untuk bertransformasi secara bersahabat dengan generasi muda dan perubahan yang terjadi di Indonesia, baik secara digital ataupun properti. Saya melihat perubahan first wave, sementara second wave digital, PT Pos sudah menyiapkan di Pos Bloc. Second wave is coming. Kita akan berhadapan dengan yang namanya edu-tech, media-tech. Saya melihat Pos Bloc tidak hanya menyiapkan creative center, tapi saya juga mendengar ada media center dimana para YouTuber bisa datang untuk membuat konten, podcaster bisa merekam voice di sana. Alhamdullilah, PT Pos siap,” jelas Erick Thohir, Menteri BUMN saat berbicara di peresmian Pos Bloc Jakarta.

“Layanan pos Indonesia telah berusia 275 tahun. Kami menyadari bahwa pengalaman saja tidak lagi cukup dalam menghadapi tantangan kompetisi generasi 4.0 yang demikian cepat, penuh ketidakpastian, dan kompleks. Kami harus lebih adaptif terhadap perubahan dan mengembangkan kolaborasi sehingga Pos Indonesia menjadi top of mind dalam memberikan layanan di dalam kehidupan. Salah satu ikhtiar itu kami wujudkan dalam bentuk creative hub yang diberi nama Pos Bloc,” ujar Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi, Direktur Utama PT Pos Indonesia saat memberikan sambutan peresmian Pos Bloc Jakarta melalui layar video.

“Kami menyambut gembira sekaligus merasa terhormat dapat berkolaborasi dengan PT Pos Indonesia dalam mengalihfungsikan serta mengelola aset negara yang sangat bersejarah ini menjadi ruang kreatif publik yang berjiwa kekinian namun tidak menanggalkan identitas awalnya. Semoga Pos Bloc Jakarta dapat menjadi game changer untuk menghidupkan kembali dinamika kreatif di sekitar kawasan Pasar Baru serta berdampak bagus bagi lingkungan di sekitarnya,” demikian Jimmy Saputro, CEO Pos Bloc Jakarta.

Pos Bloc Jakarta merupakan proyek cipta ruang (placemaking) hasil kolaborasi antara PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) sebagai BUMN tertua di tanah air, dimana dalam proyek ini dilaksanakan oleh PT Pos Properti Indonesia sebagai anak perusahaan PT Pos Indonesia dengan pihak swasta, yaitu PT Ruang Kreatif Pos salah satu anak perusahaan grup usaha Radar Ruang Riang ini yang sebelumnya sukses mewujudkan ruang kreatif publik M Bloc Space di Jakarta Selatan serta menyusul segera JNM Bloc di kota Yogyakarta.

Pos Bloc Jakarta memanfaatkan aset bekas Gedung Kantor Pos era Hindia Belanda seluas 7.000 meter persegi milik PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) yang diubah menjadi ruang kreatif bagi berbagai acara seni, budaya, hiburan, pertemuan komunitas kreatif, dan pemberdayaan bisnis UMKM (Usaha Mikro, Kecil, dan Menengah) serta UKM (Usaha Kecil dan Menengah).

Pengembangan Pos Bloc Jakarta akan dilakukan secara bertahap nantinya. Tahap pertama yang diresmikan pada hari ini seluas 2.400 meter persegi, sementara tahap kedua akan dilakukan pada awal 2022 dengan luas tambahan sekitar 4.800 meter persegi. Beberapa area di sana pada tahap pertama ini akan diperkenalkan sebagai berikut West Veranda, East Veranda (beranda depan), Great Hall (aula utama), West Garden, East Garden (taman), East Loading Bay, West Loading Bay (area bongkar muat) hingga Cultural Hall (ruang kegiatan atau pameran).

Pada gedung bersejarah yang telah ditetapkan pemerintah provinsi DKI Jakarta sebagai Bangunan Cagar Budaya tersebut telah hadir beragam tenant yaitu Mini M Bloc Market (toko kelontong), Twalen (kuliner Bali), Coldheart (kedai minuman), Canggu Bakehouse (kedai kue), Filosofi Kopi (kedai kopi), Bakmi Sedjuk (kedai bakmi), Damn! I Love Indonesia (toko fesyen), Huma Ide (kedai gelato), Via Bata Via (toko barang antik), Photomatics (kedai foto), Gyujin Teppan (kuliner Jepang), Coquito (kuliner Meksiko), Roti Bakar Kemang (kedai makanan), Communion (toko sepatu kets), Picknick Yuk with Nona Manis (kuliner piknik),

Nastar by Ritz (kedai nastar), Sovlo (toko aksesoris), Jamune (kedai jamu), Panama (toko sandal), Heiya (minuman ringan), Esteboo (kedai es tebu), dan tentunya Pos Indonesia (kantor pos).

Pos Bloc Jakarta sudah dikunjungi oleh umum sejak Senin (27/09/2021) dan beroperasi setiap hari kerja mulai pukul 10:00 hingga 21:00 WIB dan pada akhir pekan mulai pukul 07:00 sampai 21:00 WIB. Selaras aturan pemerintah, untuk masuk ke area Pos Bloc Jakarta wajib mematuhi protokol kesehatan 3M serta menunjukkan sertifikat vaksin COVID-19 (minimal dosis pertama) melalui aplikasi PeduliLindungi.

Berbeda dengan M Bloc Space yang mengusung tema urban, milenial, kekinian, semboyan Pos Bloc Jakarta adalah “Arts, culture, entertainment in a heritage place.” Setelah diperbolehkan mengadakan kegiatan oleh pemerintah, berbagai program acara seni, budaya, hiburan secara rutin akan diselenggarakan di sana. Mulai dari pameran lukisan, foto, instalasi seni, lokakarya kreatif, pemutaran film, lelang karya seni, peragaan busana, tur jalan kaki cagar budaya, hingga beragam konser musik yang sempat menjadi identitas Weltevreden atau Jakarta tempo dulu seperti klasik, jazz, blues, folk, Hawaiian, keroncong/stambul.

Pos Bloc Jakarta lokasinya dilewati Jalan Raya Pos legendaris (the grote postweg) yang dibangun pada 1809 oleh Gubernur Jenderal Herman Willem Daendels, tepatnya beralamatkan di Jl Pos No.2, Pasar Baru, Jakarta Pusat. Pada 1912 gedung ini sempat dipugar ulang oleh arsitek Belanda, J.F. von Hoytema selama 17 tahun lamanya hingga 1929. Mundur lagi ke era sebelumnya, gedung Post Telefon en Telegraf bergaya arsitektural kolonial ini telah eksis sejak 1860-an dan menjadi salah satu kantor pos tertua di Indonesia.

Gedung kantor pos di Kota Tua Jakarta yang berdiri sejak tahun 1746 merupakan yang tertua. Awalnya didirikan untuk melayani kebutuhan komunikasi serta surat-menyurat niaga para saudagar serta korespondensi antar kerajaan di Eropa dengan Jawa. Pasca bubarnya VOC, Pemerintah Hindia Belanda di bawah Daendels pada awal abad ke-19 berinisiatif memindahkan pusat kota Batavia Lama ke Batavia Baru di Weltevreden (sekarang dikenal sebagai Jakarta Pusat). Kawasan elit ini menjadi kediaman para saudagar Tionghoa, Belanda hingga para pejabat kolonial Belanda.

Segala kegiatan pemerintahan, perkantoran, perbelanjaan, kesenian, kebudayaan pada era 1800-an semuanya berpusat di Weltevreden. Tak heran jika tepat disamping gedung pos ini berdiri pula Schouwburg Weltevreden (kini Gedung Kesenian Jakarta) yang menjadi pusat pertunjukan drama, teater, sastra hingga film ternama pada jamannya. Pemerintah Hindia Belanda saat itu khusus membangun gedung layanan pos, telepon dan telegraf untuk masyarakat tepat di seberang Pasar Baru, sebuah kawasan Pecinan sekaligus pusat perbelanjaan elit Belanda yang dibangun sejak 1820. Harapannya, dengan dibukanya Pos Bloc Jakarta kini, kawasan Pasar Baru akan kembali bergeliat dan ramai dikunjungi publik seperti masa kejayaannya dulu.

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