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Kapal Api Global Office Offers A Playful Working Atmosphere Inside a Modest Building

Kapal Api Global Office Offers A Playful Working Atmosphere Inside a Modest Building

In Tanah Abang, an urban area filled with shophouses, Kapal Api Global Office is standing with an eye-pleasing facade. It has an outward angular modular pattern and Toraja-shaped roof. Beside those, the use of precast concrete as a dominant material on the facade gives a strong character to this building.

The architect, Cosmas Gozali, explains this angular facade is expected to reduce the surrounding noises, while the modest color of the precast concrete is chosen to let the building to not stand out among the crowded urban characteristic. To represent the Kapal Api’s coffee farms located in Toraja, the building is topped with a Toraja-shaped roof.

When entering the building, the ambiance of coffee is experienced through the brownish interior color, reflected from the coffee seeds. The various shape of 3D decorative panel is treated as a background for the receptionist wall and continuously from the mezzanine to the fourth level. This panel takes a shape from blooming coffee seeds to represent the company’s main product. There is also a coffee lab in this area to allow product demonstration for the guests.

The indoor area is designed to keep the temperature low with minimal air conditioner. To achieve that, air circulation is created through the massive void placement in the center and different sizes of openings on one side of the buildings. On the second to the fourth level, the gaps between the wooden jalousies let the air to circulate as well. In addition to that, the massive opening on the fifth level creates cross ventilation.

A sense of playful interior is presented by the topmost working space. This ambiance is created by the playful environmental graphic design, typography, and fun colors on the walls. The sinuous accent of the lamp fittings and furniture also enhances this ambiance. This playful sense is created to adapt the needs of millennials’ working character of egalitarian culture, productive-oriented, and flexible working hours.

(Article by Hafizh F. Wahyu. English Text by Nurin N. Pramudani)


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