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Hoan House in Nha Trang Represents a Miniature Hanging Garden

In tropical countries, a garden filled with plants has become one feature in designing a house. VTN Architects and ICADA subtly collide a house and a garden, by designing Hoan House as a ‘hanging garden’ where nature coexists with architecture.

Hoan House—included in the architect’s series of ‘house for a trees’—is located among the mountains and ocean. The shape of Hoan House responds to the shape of mountains by sloping in a staggered appearance. It also behaves to the local building code that requires the roof to be sloped. The local code also directs how fifty per cent of the roof has to be covered with grey or orange-colour tiling. The roof is finally divided into parallel bands of the green areas and the grey-tiled area, creating a rhythm between the plants and the roof.

The interior of Hoan House is furthermore structured by the system of parallel bands itself. Materials which are used to cover the upper roof intentionally arrange the spaces underneath it. The living room, dining room, and bedrooms are placed under the tiled roof, while the services areas are placed under the green roof, where the ceilings are lower.

In order to intensify air circulation and natural lighting, there is a void and three patios inside the house. The architect also enhances the tropical ambience in Hoan House by enhancing wooden materials with wide windows.

Whether as a residential building or a ‘hanging garden’, Hoan House successfully creates a space to grow plants while at the same time allowing the residents to enjoy the breath-taking view of the mountains.

Principal Architects: Vo Trong Nghia + Masaaki Iwamoto

Office credit: VTN Architects (Vo Trong Nghia Architects] + ICADA

Program: Private House

Built year: March 2015

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

Site area: 490.00 m2

Building area: 235.2 m2

Photographer: Hiroyuki Oki

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