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Fluid Flow of Space within T House in Chao Samran

Located in the vicinity of Chao Samran Beach, Thailand, a vacation house, namely T House, stands with its unusual form. The vacation house is erected on a 260 square meter site, accommodating the owner’s big family when they are having a holiday near the beach.

T House is composed of several overlapping irregular-shaped boxes. Easily distinguishable, three of the boxes which are covered with wood materials house three bedrooms. Holding these three boxes is a glass-covered mass that provides a communal space to connect the three bedrooms.


With its wall’s transparency, the central mass provides an open view towards the ocean. While extensively open, the opening is positioned towards the north to prevent direct sunlight that could cause overheating.

The house is designed to maximize its shared space. Most of the rooms are designed with foldable walls that could be opened to create openness and space connectivity, or closed whenever privacy is needed. The openness within the house blurs the room partitioning and separation so that each occupant can interact freely, as if they were within the same space.

Beautiful composition of concrete, glass, and woods as the wall finish helps to emphasize the natural setting of the house location. Moreover, with the extensive use of woods on the house façade along with natural stone finish, the building could coexist peacefully among its surrounding landscape.


Principle Architect: IDIN Architects

Project Team: Jeravej Hongsakul, Sethapong Phisitthawanich (Architect), Thuwanont Ruangkanoksilp (Interior Architect)

Location: Chao Samran Beach, Thailand

Site area: 260 sqm.

Photographer : Spaceshift Studio

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