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Editor’s Letter: Asian Games 2018 – Resurging Modern Architecture | ARCHINESIA #13

Indonesia is currently preparing to host the biggest sporting event in Asia: the 18th Asian Games, which will be held on August to September of 2018. The renovation work, which began the design period in early 2016 and ran the overall construction period into 2018, is being handled fully by Indonesian architects and contractors. The team of renovating architects have been given two instructions from the current president Joko Widodo regarding its design: firstly to improve the condition of buildings in Gelora Bung Karno “without returning to the 1962 spirit”, and secondly to transform the complex as a public space. Although this is hardly the first renovation throughout the complex’s fifty-odd years of life, it is arguably its most important and the major one to be undertaken.

The front cover of ARCHINESIA #13 features the renovated Aquatic Stadium led by architect Andra Matin. Photo by Sonny Sandjaya

As an architecture magazine, ARCHINESIA found this a prime opportunity to make a special reportage about the architecture of the Asian Games venues. We especially chose to focus on Gelora Bung Karno because it is a historic area in the development of Indonesia, and thus poses a unique challenge to design in conjunction with old and new. The directive of this issue is to foster appreciation towards architectural design, especially Gelora Bung Karno. We hope that the interviews and the design reviews presented in this issue can uncover the design process and thinking of Gelora’s renovation, allowing us to appreciate it even more.

The Architravel feature for this issue is also in line with the main theme: we report on the tour to show Modernist buildings in Jakarta, throughout the mASEANa Conference that was held in January 2018. We also reported on the excellent papers presented at that conference in our Architalk feature, along with several viewpoints from inside and outside the architectural world.

Ken Yeang on the back cover of ARCHINESIA #13, interviewed in the “Insight” feature

The Insight section for this issue is special, because we interviewed a significant architect hailing from Malaysia: Dr. Kenneth Yeang, or more amicably known as Ken Yeang to the architectural world. It was a challenge to interview Ken Yeang, because of the wealth of information that already exists about him, but we managed to hopefully present a side of Ken Yeang that is rarely known to the public through writings about the pioneer of eco-architecture.

In the Built Projects section, we have reviewed a selection of buildings that combine the old with the new, such as National Gallery Singapore by studioMilou, Thailand Creative and Design Center by Department of ARCHITECTURE, VUE Hotel by Ministry of Design. Architecturally acute buildings in the region are also featured, such as Alun-Alun Cicendo by SHAU and Suasana Putrajaya by TR Hamzah & Yeang. In line with the motto of the Asian Games – Ever Onward – may the architectural realm in Indonesia and Southeast Asia progress ever forward.


The newly renovated seats at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium boasts a ‘waving flag’ pattern, led by architect Gregorius Supie Yolodi. Photo by Daniel Jiang for ARCHINESIA


The translucent-panelled library at Thailand Creative Design Center by Department of ARCHITECTURE. Photo by W Workspace, image courtesy of the architect.


The heritage dome of National Gallery Singapore surrounded by contemporary columns and skylights. Photo by Fernando Javier Urquijo / studioMilou


The oxidised sculptural park in Cicendo, Bandung by SHAU. Photo by Sonny Sandjaya


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