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Andra Matin and andramatin Through Prihal Exhibition

Andra Matin and andramatin Through Prihal Exhibition

Isandra Matin Ahmad –well-known as Andra Matin- has just organized his first solo exhibition titled Prihal: arsitektur andramatin. The exhibition took place from 27 November to 11 December 2019 in the National Gallery of Indonesia, and was curated by Artiandi Akbar and Danny Wicaksono. Besides, this exhibition also collaborated with Leboye and Nusae as graphic designers and Davy Linggar for videography. Also, Hadi Komara as the lighting designer.

An opening speech from Azwar Anas, the Regent of Banyuwangi

Prihal acted as a summary, as well as a marker to the two decades of Andra Matin and his architectural firm, namely andramatin. The exhibition then divided into eight segments. Those eight parts are designed as a continuous path that brings visitors to be able to experience andramatin’s architecture. The eight parts of ‘Prihal’ begins with a ‘prologue’ in the form of a halfway enclosed in rattan weaving that presents 826 andramatin’s works from 1998 to 2019.

Night situation at the ‘prologue’ of Prihal

Then, visitors are brought to Building A, where there are four different parts. Prihal: On Jakarta, which contains a public space projects designed by andramatin in Jakarta and On Other Cities that tells about the andramatin’s projects for the various city outside Jakarta. Then, it is continued with On Form and On Material, which focuses on the andramatin’s exploration of form and material.

The exhibition continues to Building B. In this area, there are the last parts of the exhibition. On Repeat shows an interview video with 7 andramatin’s clients and On The Everyday displays the daily activities in andramatin’s studio through photos, video, and mock-up of their studio. Lastly, the ‘epilogue’ of this exhibition is an interactive area, where the visitors can make a mock-up of andramatin’s projects from Lego that has been provided.

Besides that, Prihal also held Prihal Talks: Relations on November 29, 2019, at the Theater Hall, Titan Center, Bintaro. The seminar presented Kazi Khaleed Ashraf (architect and lecturer at the Bengal Institute) and Marina Tabassum (Marina Tabassum Architects) from Bangladesh. Also, invited Vin Varavarn (Vin Varavarn Architects, Thailand), Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow Wow, Japan), and moderated by Shirley Surya from Hong Kong.

The speakers, moderator, also Andra Matin in Prihal Talks: Relations

Through this Prihal exhibition and the series of events, Andra Matin hopes that more people will be able to see architecture. There are more things that can be done by architecture and its contribution to the nation. As one of the curators, Danny Wicaksono also said that this exhibition can be a foundation for creating better architectural surroundings and can use it as a self-reflection. (uci)

Guided Tour with Andra Matin in the last day of exhibition


For your information, in the Prihal series, the ARCHINESIA team had the opportunity to interview Andra Matin directly as the exhibition designer, Danny Wicaksono who was one of the exhibition curators, as well as Hadi Komara (exhibition lighting designer).

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