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5 x 12 House in Vietnam Displays Spaciousness on Limited Site Area

5 x 12 House is a dwelling located in Hanoi, Vietnam. With limited site area, the house is built vertically to accommodate the residents’ needs.

On the first floor, the room programming is made integrated between living room, dining room, kitchen, and workspace. As the result, the first floor consists of a spacious area with flexible horizontal circulation. Meanwhile, the house’s vertical circulation is centralized on one side of the house.

The second floor is intended for family area with the interior bares of any furniture to accommodate various activities. On the rear side of the family area, a void space with woven ropes as its base is a unique additional space for a more playful activity within the house.

The family room is furnished with pivoting wall partition that borders the mezzanine floor and faces the main windows. The partition helps to provide more privacy for the family on the second floor as well as to reduce light intensity from the main windows when the partitions are positioned on a certain degree.

The architect designs the third floor as a resting area that houses one main bedroom and two smaller-sized bedrooms. Located on the front side of the house, the main bedroom features an access to the balcony. Caged with steel structure and wire mesh, the semi-transparent space on the balcony area allows the residents to enjoy the urban view comfortably.

To anticipate its limited space, the house is equipped with numerous built-in furniture, light-weighted furniture, and multifunctional furniture. Especially on the first floor, the furniture has natural wooden finish that goes well with the room’s bare concrete floors, resulting as a nice accent against the white walls.

Achitect : Toob Studio

Location : Ngô Xuân Quảng street , Hà Nội city ,  Việt Nam

Design Principal : Nguyễn Hồng Quang

Area : 100

Completed : 2018

Photographer : Lê Anh Đức

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