ARCHINESIA Master Talk: “Making: Appreciation for Imperfection in Architecture”

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There is an approach to architecture that champions “making”. Imperfections are accepted as a natural part of life, allowing room for error and welcoming the marks of human faults. This approach proffers their buildings to natural elements in a state of constant incompletion. Architects using this approach are usually highly conscious of their design decisions, elaborating a cohesive design philosophy. Does the acceptance of imperfections allow architects to constantly seek feedback from their creations, thus prolonging the timeframe for reflection?

This event will bring together seven architects from Southeast Asia to share about championing “making” as a design approach. Why is “making” an important philosophy for them? How is it implemented in their practice? And most importantly, how do they achieve insight through “mistakes” and “imperfections” in their process and product?

Featuring panellists:

A well-known landscape architect in Malaysia, Seksan challenges himself by treating the land as lightly as possible. To him, the imperfections shown from his ‘unfinished’ finishes reflects his philosophy in designing a humane architecture, exemplified in projects such as the Sekeping series.

TETAWOWE ATELIER – Wong Wei Ping and Tey Tat Sing
tetawowe atelier was established in 2010, with a philosophy of acknowledging life and appreciating nature. Their most-published project is L45 in Bangsar, which combines a community library with a student housing, using materials such as exposed concrete and steel grills.

STUDIO BIKIN – Farah Azizan and Adela Askandar
Studio Bikin is a multidisciplinary studio with a strong belief in the craft of design. According to them, “Architecture is organic and the aging process is natural, inevitable and unavoidable, hence through good design even the spaces we use and live in can shape and age gracefully with us.”

Eko Prawoto’s projects are strongly rooted in Javanese philosophical traditions, including to respectfully treat nature as a part of life. His belief is that our architecture needs to look back on cultural wisdom, not for the artifacts, but for the values and attitudes. Eko Prawoto’s works often utilise reused elements and locally-sourced materials.

MAMOSTUDIO – Adi Purnomo
Adi Purnomo’s works are always based upon deep research, backed by a consistent effort to improve people’s quality of life. Each of his projects is a study into ideas that make up architecture itself, such as the WAF-shortlisted Studi-O Cahaya, which was borne of a yearlong observation of sunlight on-site, allowing phenomena to become the design tool.

Moderated by Imelda Akmal and Achmad Tardiyana

Saturday, May 20, 2017
14:00 – 18:00
Nusantara Room @ ICE BSD City
Tangerang, Indonesia

Registration: IDR 299K
ARCHINESIA #10 (worth IDR 299k)
Certificate and refreshments

Info & Registration
Melisa +62 878 8921 5810

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