Singapore is considered to be among world’s most exceptional megacities for its response towards urban growth. It is touted as the centre of design in Asia and worldwide, with its cutting-edge architectures drawing visitors from around the world. One of the sectors showing most growth is hospitality, including the rise of urban traveller sites and designer hotels. 

ARCHINESIA ARCHITECTOUR will take you behind Singapore’s design scene directly to enjoy a three-day tour to hospitality buildings, visit the studios of renowned architecture firms, and spend three nights in three different designer hotels. The tour will be curated and led by architect and educator Achmad Tardiyana, who has gone on extensive travels to notable architecture and urban sites in various countries. We will take you to not only see and experience the buildings, but also to go deeper in understanding their space and context. 

SINGAPORE 12/13/14/15 January 2017

US$ 495 per person

  • 3 Night Accommodation
  • Meet the Architects and Hotel Designers
  • Studio Visit


Registration End 31 December 2016


GALUH +62 838 1569 2253

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