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andramatin, the Jakarta-based firm headed by architect Andra Matin has been awarded one of the two Special Mentions by the jury of the 16th International Exhibition FREESPACE. This marks the

How does one create emptiness in an architectural installation to be served in a 300 square meter empty space? Paper

With a repertoire of around 50 published works including his most-known Buru Quartet, Pramoedya Ananta Toer (1925-2006) is one of Indonesia’s most prolific authors and thinkers. His meticulously-researched realist novels


Budiman Hendropurnomo of DCM Jakarta has designed various types of hotels since the 1990s, with many of them receiving design


R House is a private residence located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Designed by Ken Yeang, the house explores various environmental-friendly building concepts with a contemporary appearance. Openness and room flexibility

Located in the vicinity of Chao Samran Beach, Thailand, a vacation house, namely T House, stands with its unusual form. The vacation house is erected on a 260 square meter

In tropical countries, a garden filled with plants has become one feature in designing a house. VTN Architects and ICADA subtly collide a house and a garden, by designing Hoan

Located in an idyllic site of a golf course, Rumah Kampoeng boasts lush vista and natural surroundings. The house is designed with several separate masses to allow openings from within

Dee Studio is a collaborative office consisting of an architecture studio and e-commerce office. Renovated from an existing house, the architect tries to preserve some part of the house’s wall


With an array of contextually sensitive yet profoundly original designs, Neri & Hu have long been a design firm that


“On which side do we stand as an architect? Do we want to be drowned in the captivity of capitalism?” A reflective question was asked by Eko Prawoto during his presentation;

Located along the earth’s equatorial line, Indonesia is the largest tropical archipelago country in the world. The high level of rainfall and humidity along with year-round sunshine are some of

Indonesia is currently preparing to host the biggest sporting event in Asia: the 18th Asian Games, which will be held on August to September of 2018. The renovation work, which

When reading this book, you might be disappointed if you expected an architecture reference book that is complete with site plans, sections, and appealing perspective renderings. Because the bulk of

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